* denotes a crumb coat & chill signature item

{ cakes }



white chocolate


almond (contains almond meal)

brown sugar




red velvet

blue velvet

pink champagne


honey lavender

winter spice



cotton candy*



cream cheese

chocolate { white / milk / dark* }

vanilla { flavored with Mexican vanilla extract blend }

vanilla bean { flavored with Madagascar vanilla bean paste }

vanilla almond*


peanut butter*







salted caramel



cotton candy

Swiss meringue { +$10 for 4 inch cakes, +$15 for 6 and 8 inch cakes, + $20 for 10 inch cakes }


{ +$ for 4-inch cakes, +$$ for 6 and 8 inch cakes, +$$$ for 10 inch cakes }

strawberry preserves

raspberry preserves

blueberry preserves

blackberry preserves

mixed berry preserves

lemon curd*

orange / blood orange curd { seasonally available }

salted caramel {free drip included, if desired }

crème patissiere

whipped chocolate ganache { white / milk / dark }

german chocolate 


because size matters

tall cakes are my signature, so each cake, or cake tier, is comprised of four cake layers, with the exception of the "tiny cakes," which have three

cakes { cost of cake + buttercream icing + butter cream filling is contemplated in the base price }

4-inch round a/k/a "tiny cake" // serves  4-8 .................... { starting at $45 }

6-inch round // serves  12-16  .................... { starting at $70 }

8-inch round // serves  16-28  .................... { starting at $90}

10-inch round // serves  28-38 .................... { starting at $120}

tiered cakes .................... { priced upon request }

{ serving sizes are based on 1 x 1.5-2 inch servings for each cake portion }

cakes are intended to be cut like a grid, not a pizza. please contact for cake cutting guidance for tall cakes.


cupcakes { cost of one dozen cupcakes (minimum order) + buttercream icing + fancy sprinkles is contemplated in the base price }

mini dozen starting at $15 }

standard dozen { starting at $35 }

jumbo dozen { starting at $45 }

cakesicles { minimum order is one dozen, starting at $35 }

heart shaped cake truffles { minimum order is one dozen, starting at $30 }

baked cake donuts { minimum order is one dozen, available in the same flavors as     cake, starting at $30 }


drips { +$10}

salted caramel

milk chocolate ganache

dark chocolate ganache 

white chocolate ganache can be colored upon request }

metallic drip gold, rose gold, silver, copper, priced upon request }

gold leaf { priced upon request }

natural flowers { priced upon request }

natural fruit { priced upon request }

candied nut crumble { priced upon request }

{ I do not do character or logo cakes, and I only use fondant in simple details }

{ cookies }

minimum order is one dozen


brown butter chocolate chip*................ { $20 per dozen }

brown butter snickerdoodle ............... { $20 per dozen }

funfetti ...............$16 per dozen }

custom sprinkle blends priced upon request }

shortbread { plain / lemon / orange / spice / chocolate }

large ............... {$18 per dozen}

small ............... { $12 per dozen }

sandwich cookies ............... { +$15 per dozen }

buttercream filling for sandwich cookies

cream cheese

chocolate { white / milk / dark* }

vanilla { flavored with Mexican vanilla extract blend }

vanilla bean { flavored with Madagascar vanilla bean paste }

vanilla almond*


peanut butter*







salted caramel



cotton candy

{ pastries & other sweets }

cinnamon rolls + cream cheese & vanilla bean glaze*  
{ $35 per dozen }

custom cake donuts  
{ starting at $30 per dozen }

event cake tastings { $30 }
six lunchbox cakes with three flavors of cake + three flavors of buttercream, mixed and matched
{ tastings may include a virtual meeting upon request }

if you prefer to bake them fresh yourself, all cinnamon rolls and non-sandwich cookies (without decorations) are available for take-and-bake, baking instructions included


{ fan favorites }

peanut butter chocolate cake* // dark chocolate cake + peanut butter buttercream icing + whipped dark chocolate ganache filling + dark chocolate drip 

strawberry lemon cake // strawberry cake + vanilla buttercream icing + lemon curd filling

white chocolate raspberry cake // white chocolate cake + white chocolate buttercream icing + raspberry preserve filling + whipped white chocolate ganache drip 

chocolate & salted caramel cake // dark chocolate cake + salted caramel buttercream icing + whipped dark chocolate ganache filling + salted caramel drip 

pb & j cake* // vanilla cake + peanut butter buttercream icing + strawberry preserve filling 

funfetti & vanilla almond buttercream sandwich cookies* 

brown butter snickerdoodle & salted caramel buttercream sandwich cookies   

brown butter chocolate chip & vanilla buttercream sandwich cookies 

thicc mints* // 
chocolate shortbread dipped in dark chocolate + mint buttercream icing

{ a few things }

please read and agree to the following before placing your order:

based on cost and availability of ingredients and labor, all prices and estimates are subject to change
; I will reach out for your approval if there will be a significant up-charge

I do not sell alcohol. you may purchase your own alcohol bottles to be placed upon cakes at your request. I am not responsible of any consumption of alcohol by minors

payment in full is due at or before pickup or delivery. I will not allow an order to leave my hands until payment has been completed

to secure your order and pickup date, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit, with the remaining half due at the time of pickup. payments can be made with debit or credit cards through the "payment form" section of this website with paypal, or through venmo, zelle, or apple pay. cash and checks are also acceptable forms of payment. I am not equipped with a card reader at this time. please do not pay for an order without first receiving confirmation that I am able to fulfill your order, and please allow me to discuss payment policies and fees with you before sending money

cake orders will not be confirmed without payment of a deposit and a contract read and signed

I always do my best to accommodate your sweet dreams, but because I am only one person, I may not be able do to fulfill your order in your ideal manner and time frame; if for any reason I cannot accommodate your order, I will tell you in advance

the best way to ensure I can take on your request is to book as far in advance
as possible; my calendar fills up quickly!

if you need to cancel or change your order, please do so at least one week in advance of the original due date. please note that I may not be able to issue a refund of your deposit if I have already purchased ingredients or begun prep for your order, or if the order is not cancelled with enough time to fill your now vacant spot with a new order

pickup times for orders will be scheduled by appointment only. 
because I am a one girl show, I need everyone to be on time for their pickup appointments so I can be sure that I am not working on anything that I cannot step away from when you come to pickup your order. when scheduling your pickup appointment, I will be available for 15 minutes before and after your scheduled time. I cannot guarantee that I will be available if you show up outside of your scheduled pickup time and we may need to reschedule. if you know you will be late for your pickup appointment time, please contact me as soon as possible so I can appropriately plan. a late fee of $10 per day will apply to each late order pickup

please take great care of your products after receiving them. I am not responsible for the state of your sweets after pickup or delivery. for stability, I recommend that all cakes stay refrigerated up until 30 minutes to one hour before cutting and serving. all other products, unless otherwise specified, are to be stored and served at room temperature, 72 degrees fahrenheit or under. buttercream cakes and cakes with filling are prone to melting or shifting with temperature mismanagement, especially in direct sun, humidity, or heat. all cakes will be chilled for delivery or pickup. when driving with a cake, please place the chilled cake on the flat floorboard of your vehicle, not a seat. always drive carefully and try to avoid any sharp turns, bumps, or abrupt stops

tiered cakes will be supported by wooden dowels and cake boards for stability. most other cakes, with the exception of smash cakes, will contain plastic straws for support. neither wooden dowels or plastic straws are edible, so please remove them from the cake slices as you serve

delivery and set up for events are offered for a fee, if my schedule permits

{ compliant with nebraska state cottage laws }

{ allergen information }

at the time of ordering, it is your sole responsibility to inform me of any allergies of persons consuming crumb coat & chill products

while I can omit an ingredient, to make it allergy friendly, I cannot certify that it will be 100% allergen free. 
I always adhere to the highest cleanliness standards and avoid cross-contamination; please keep in mind, however, there are peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, soy, fruit, dairy , and other common allergens routinely present in my work space

if you would like to see a full list of ingredients for your product, please request it upon placing your order